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  • Description

    Full aluminum wheels with strong and durable rims

    Reinforced ridge of the rim provides rigidity of the wheelset. This conception provides reliability and strength of the wheel.

    DIAMETER: 622x15
    Front 20 spokes: 750 g
    Rear 24 spokes: 1007 g
    WEIGHT OF PAIR: 1757 g

    Technical specification

    RCX Al
    Treatmentblack BA, silver anodized+CNC
    SpokesAl straight – black BA, red RA, silver SA anodized, white painted WCx
    HubRear: Al for straight spokes - black BA, red RA,silver SA anodized, white painted WCx, flange with diameter 60mm, industrial bearings 4 Pcs, Al cassette body, Front: Al radial for straight AL spokes, flange with diameter 50mm, industrial bearings 2 Pcs
    NipplesAl - black BA, red RA, silver SA anodized
    Wheel20 / 24
    Weight1757 g
    Weight limit